New Qiyi Collection QiDi S 2x2 Warrior W 3x3 QiYuan S 4x4 Colorful Version

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New Qiyi Mofangge Warrior 5.7cm 3*3*3 Speedcube Vivid Color Scheme

This QiYi 3x3 is smooth out of the box and is ready to go without much tuning. Many people will like the smoothness and overall feel of this 3x3.
Qiyi warrior cube 3x3x3 Specifications:
.Body Color: stickerless
.Brand: QiYi (QY) MoFangGe
.Level: 3x3
.Dimensions(L*W*H):  57mm*57mm*57mm
.Weight: 80g
.Package in box
Qiyi warrior cube 3x3x3 Package Content:
.1  x MoFangGe 3x3 Cube

SKU: 2172108 ×1

Qi Yuan S 4x4 Magic Cube Puzzle Speed Cube - Colorful


.100% Brand new and high quality
.Qi Yuan S 4x4x4 Speed magic cube puzzle
.Whole new vivid color work more effectively and more easier to recognize
.Frosted surface, avoid the scratches after long-time solving, against reflective, against fingerprint and feel more texture
.Stickerless version gives you more options
.The edge wing of internal pieces enhances the anti-pop ability effectively
.The large internal pieces is constructed to optimized contact surface area, providing a new level of stability
.The slightly grooved pieces are optimized to reducr empty space and synergize piece contact, minimizing sticking and unnecessary friction
.Conservative inner corner rounding grants flexibility while maintaining stability
.More pronounced outer corner rounding provides superior corner cutting
.Solve it by making each sides match
.This cube is designed for beginners


.Color: Colorful
.Material: ABS
.Cube Size: 6.2*6.2*6.2cm
.Cube Level: 4x4x4
.Packing: Carton Box

Package Content:

.1 x Magic Cube

SKU: 2181866 ×1

Qiyi QiDi S 2x2 Magic Cube Speed Cube Toy


.Brand new QiYi QiDi S 2x2 Speed Cube Magic Cube
.Great corner cuting, more stability, strong fault tolerance
.Enjoy easy turning and smooth play
.Solve it by making each side one solid color
.Practice your brain and improve your memory and hand skills
.Perfect for testing your mental skills and challenging your patience
.Designed both for beginners and professional speed cubers

.Out of the box, this cube delivers excellent performance for all speedcubers


.Color: As Shown
.Material: ABS
.Sticker: Fluorescent stickers
.Cube Size: 5.4*5.4*5.4cm
.Cube Level: 2x2

.Packing: Carton Box

Package Content:

.1 x Magic Cube


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Most Helpful Reviews
QiYi 2x2,3x3,4x4 best start set
Awesome set for beginner cubers! Cheap and awesome! Best shop with low price.
Amazing cubeeees!!
Incredible,very beautiful colors and very good price-quality relation
The best deal for speedcubing beginners who want to try out many cubes!
Awesome cubes. If you're starting out, this is definitely the best deal there is. The QiYi brand is one of the best on the market, and these cubes demonstrate why. QiDi S: pretty fast and cornet cuts well. Doesn't feel cheap at all. QiYi Warrior W: Feels crunchy. It's stable, fast and light. Nice corner cutting for a budget cube. The only problems I've had with this cube are corner twists and lockups. QiYuan S: I'm not a 4x4-kind of cuber, but i find this cube surprisingly good for its price. It corner cuts decently and feels quite smooth. You should definitely lube it once it's dry. I give this a 9.6/10. The 4x4 is probably the worst out of the three, but they're all pretty good.
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