Hi, Lightake meets everyone again.
Today we introduce 23399Pcs French Palace 10th Anniversary Edition MOC-70573

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Modular French Palace. Every parts is build on a baseplate 32×32 so it’s perfect on your own city!!!
.An upgraded version designed and licensed by Stebrick.
.The RB number is MOC-70573. Modified to modular structure. There are 9 modules in total. Easy to move and easy inventory.
.Compared with the previous generation, the doors, trees, roof and so on have been redesigned to make it compatible with Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
.Made of ABS material, eco-friendly and high quality. Refuse to use secondary and recycled materials. Each part fits well, not too loose and not too tight.
.There are 23399 bricks. No more rare bricks!
.If you are interested in other works, please feel free to contact us!

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