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Which Castle do you like best?

Do you have a castle dream?

I believe that not only children but also adults have the dream of a castle. It should be a wonderful enjoyment to restore the real castle in the form of building blocks.
Today, let us walk into the world of castles, where there are big castles and small castles, let us explore together!

MOC-68151 Medieval Lions' Castle

MOC-68151 Medieval Lions’ Castle-$479.99

A Castle to match your brand new Medieval Blacksmith! It consists of a large castle, a courtyard surrounded by a curtain wall, stables, two towers and a gatehouse. The interior is spacious and equipped with some basic furniture and accessories, including tables, chairs, beds and fireplaces. The details are rich and realistic, and the playability is extremely high. It's 55 x 65 cm, 46 cm high to the top of the flag pole and uses over 7500 bricks.It was designed by SleeplessNight.

MOC-65340 Burg Falkenstein

MOC-65340 Burg Falkenstein-$853.99

This is based on Burg Falkenstein, Medieval castle in Carinthia, Austrian Alps. It is rich in color and full of many surprising details. It can be built and displayed proudly with family or by yourself.The size of the finished castle model is approximately 75cm in length, 38cm in width, and 45cm in height. It was designed by our designer PeppePell.


MOC-36658 The Castle Gray-$393.99

In this castle, there are sky bridges, blacksmith shops, stables, archery training grounds, restaurants, library rooms, trade booths, guards’ residences, armory, dungeon prisons, treasure rooms…the details are full and it’s a nice design.It consist of 5110 pieces, which was authorized and designed by Bejkrools.

MOC-45559 The Highstone Fortress

MOC-45559 The Highstone Fortress Castle-$756.99

.The Highstone Fortress is located in the Lion Kingdom. The fortress is located on the Shiyuan River. Defensive towers and city walls, prisons in dungeons, armory, treasury, secret escape doors behind wine racks, kitchens with stoves… The moat and the road can be separated, and there are many dark rooms in the castle waiting for you to discover.

May you will like. Find in Lightake~

Next, I will show you some real work from our customers!

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