About Gothic 

Gothic architecture (French: Architecture gothique, English: Gothic architecture) is a style of architecture that flourished in Europe at the height and end of the Middle Ages. It developed from Romanesque architecture and was inherited by Renaissance architecture.

It originated in France in the twelfth century and lasted until the sixteenth century. Gothic architecture is commonly referred to in contemporary times as ‘Opus Francigenum’; however, the countries with the most Gothic buildings today are Germany, Italy and the German-speaking countries, while France has more Baroque buildings. “The term ‘Gothic’ emerged in the late Renaissance and has a pejorative connotation.

The Gothic architecture is characterised by high spires, pointed arches, large windows and faience glass painted with biblical stories. The design makes use of pointed ribbed vaults, flying buttresses and elongated bunched columns to create a light and slender sense of flight. A new frame structure to increase the strength of the support at the top gives the whole building a strong religious atmosphere with its straight lines, majestic appearance and the open spaces within the church, often combined with long windows with stained glass.


About History of Gothic

Gothic architecture inherited many of the characteristics of Romanesque architecture, such as the buttress and the cross plan.

Gothic architecture was popular in France, England, Germany, northern Spain and northern Italy: it was first born in the Île-de-France region, centred on Paris; it then spread east, south and west from there[5]. The areas of circulation were all part of the ancient Roman Empire, yet all were in remote provinces.

It is notable that all countries entered the late Gothic period in 1350: this was some ten years after the outbreak of the Black Death, when Europe began to recover from the Great Plague.


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!!!Here’s my roundup of the 8 best Gothic MOCs for 2021

MOC-43974 Notre Dame de Paris

  • PCS: 63181 pcs
  • Weight: 132.28lbs
  • Dimensions: W 58in, L 21in, H 40in
  • Licensed from designer Stebrick

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Notre-Dame de Paris is a typical example of Gothic architecture, an epochal landmark in the history of European architecture. The façade of Notre-Dame de Paris is unique in its style and structure, and looks very majestic. Notre-Dame de Paris is a stone building that has been described in the history of world architecture as a symphony of giant stones of the first order. Although it is a religious building, it sparkles with the wisdom of the French people and reflects the pursuit and aspiration for a better life.

moc gothic architecture
gothic architecture
Notre Dame de Paris

MOC-70573 French Palace 10th Anniversary Edition

  • PCS: 23399 pcs
  • Weight: 41.23lbs
  • Licensed from designer Stebrick

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MOC - Modular French Palace

MOC-65340 Burg Falkenstein

  • PCS: 15539 pcs
  • Weight: 9900g
  • Dimensions: W 75cm, L 38cm, H 45cm
  • Designed and licensed by PeppePell

USD $839.99 GET !

Falkenstein Castle (German: Burg Falkenstein) are located in the Weinveldt region of Lower Austria. The castle was used as a “Reichsfeste” to protect the HRE Reich, which overlooks almost the whole of Moravia. It was founded around 1050 by the Emperor Henry III. In 1106 the castle was purchased by the Austrian Margrave Leopold III, after which it became the property of the Austrian rulers. 1572 Maximilian II sold Falkenstein to the Baron (later Count) of Traussen.

Black and white elements are used extensively throughout the building and the whole atmosphere has a strong Gothic feel to it. The proportions are just right throughout and the castle is exquisitely textured.

The white paint on the rooftops and curtain walls brings about a stately atmosphere. And the black on the roof has the same visual effect. The whole atmosphere is very typically Gothic, as if one were in medieval Europe, and to make it even more special and unique, the builders have added forest elements around the castle to liven up the whole atmosphere.

burg falkenstein austria
MOC-65340 Burg Falkenstein
MOC-65340 Burg Falkenstein

MOC-65795 Sagrada Familia

  • PCS: 10083 pcs
  • Weight: 33lbs
  • Size: W 18in, L 13in, H 24in
  • Licensed from designer JeongwonE

USD $819.99 GET !

The Sagrada Família, an unfinished Catholic church in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, Spain, was designed by Antoni Gaudi. Its lofty and unique architectural design has made the church the most well-known tourist attraction in Barcelona.

The construction of Sagrada Familia began in 1882 and, because it is a church of atonement, was financed mainly by individual donations, which had a direct impact on the progress of the work, so it remains unfinished and is the only building in the world to be listed as a World Heritage Site before it was completed.


MOC-65795 Sagrada Familia
MOC-65795 Sagrada Familia

MOC-29962 Modular Cathedral- Rework!

  • PCS: 22007 pcs
  • Weight: 35.3lbs
  • Dimensions: W 22in, L 26in, H 18in
  • Licensed from designer Das_Felixle


Prototype history

The Neo-Gothic style of architecture began in England in the 1740s. the world was influenced by the Neo-Gothic style in the 19th and early 20th centuries, when a large number of Neo-Gothic buildings were built around the world.

The Gothic Revival combines the characteristics of the original Gothic style. The Gothic revival is linked to the emergence of the medieval spirit. Neo-Gothic architecture differs significantly from the decorative style and construction principles of the original medieval buildings. Not only have some Gothic elements and some Gothic decoration been added to the architecture, but also some innovative ideas

Modular cathedral

The cathedral is made up of over 22,000 bricks and uses many advanced techniques such as stained glass windows, a large number of vertically placed bricks and huge building blocks offset from each other by half a brick, which would be very difficult to use on a building of this size. A large model.

The interior of the cathedral is beautifully designed and exquisitely detailed, you will find pews, sacristy collections, confessionals and everything you need for a neo-gothic church

MOC-29962 Modular Cathedral- Rework!
MOC-29962 Modular Cathedral- Rework!
MOC-29962 Modular Cathedral- Rework!

MOC-84124 UCS Minas Morgul

  • PCS: 14045+ pcs
  • Weight: 33.07lbs
  • Dimensions: W 43in, L 32in, H 34in
  • Licensed from designer Legomocloc



From The Designer- LegoMocLoc

“Minas Morgul was once a fortress of Gondor, called Minas Ithil, the Tower of the Moon. As the easternmost fortification in the kingdom of Gondor, Minas Ithil safeguarded the eastern borders of the Kingdom of Gondor and protected the capital Osgiliath from the forces of Mordor during the early part of the Third Age. As Gondor’s armies weakened, it was then taken by the forces of Mordor, and used as a base to attack Gondor and in the process, decayed into the dark fortress and was renamed as a result.
Minas Morgul was located in the upland valley known as the Morgul Vale at the feet of the Mountains of Shadow. It overlooked the region of Ithilien and controlled the only passes through the mountains that led into Mordor, the Morgul Pass and the Pass of Cirith Ungol.
This moc is divided in 4 main parts and includes: The Ithil Tower which represents the high tower of the moon and the main fortress, The orc mansion, the Morgul prison and the external main wall of the citadel with gates on the Morgul Valley.”

MOC-84124 UCS Minas Morgul
UCS Minas Morgul

MOC-88904 Venice Campanile and Surrounding Area

  • PCS: 5613 pcs
  • Weight: 12.57lbs
  • Licensed from designer Cvanhulle

USD $369.99

From The Designer- Cvanhulle

“The Campanile and Surrounding area contains the Campanile itself, THE landmark of Venice – Italy and a true landmark in any Lego city, and some scene in the vicinity to form a consistent colorful MOC. You’ll furthermore find the columns on Saint Mark’s Square near the waterfront, the Royal Gardens next to the columns and a typical Venetian kiosk. One of the columns has a crcodile on top. I chose a green one but a tan one is just as good. The lion on the second column is not in the pictures due to absence of it in Studio but it is integrated in the parts list. The garden consists of two modular elements that can be switched and/or turned to give the model a different look as you seem fit.”

Venice Campanile and Surrounding Area
MOC-88904 Venice Campanile and Surrounding Area

MOC Church Die Berger Kirche

  • PCS: 6276 pcs
  • Weight: 6.4KG
  • Dimensions: W 69cm, L 51.2cm, H 43.6cm
  • Licensed from designer brickcity_steinbrueck

USD $469.99


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