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The Seven Rings Lightake

Let’s start building Part A: The Seven Rings !!!

Based on the legendary behemoth of a city Minas Tirith from the Lord of the Rings franchise, this colossal 99548 piece moc by STEBRICK on rebrickable ( provided by LighTake in high quality lego-compatible ABS plastic bricks is truly a collectors item and not for the faint of heart or small of basements.

Minas Tirith

This moc – The Seven Rings – comes in and a truly mind-staggering 2.31 x 1.16 metres and stands 1.31 metres tall. The build is made up of 7 distinct layers representing the front half of Minas Tirith and contains a labyrinth of support structures to keep this monster of a build strong and sturdy. This is beyond any MOC set, this is a work of art.


As the centrepiece of the Battle of Pelennor fields, the iconic city withstood the siege of the dark lord Sauron’s forces and boasts an extremely strong and fortified exterior. This section of the white city stands at 700 feet tall in universe, making the scale of a single character about 4 studs tall, enough to create your grand army of Orcs outside the gates of the city.

The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings
The Seven rings - Part A by STEBRICK

The base of the moc, standing on 18 grey 32×32 base plates, sets out the dimensions of the build and displays the weathered tan coloured ground which falls ahead of the build. Atop this, a sturdy white wall is built, and the scale of this MOC truly allows the curvature of the structure to be felt. Towers line the exterior of the wall and the large grey city gates are cleverly built with grey Lego Games micro figures embedded into the build.


Behind the thick walls, a series of beautiful distinct buildings can be spotted, creating the depth and details and accurate scale required to replicate this iconic city in brick form.

lord of the rings minas tirith set

The rest of the city immediately shows the scale and height of the moc, with towering white walls boasting tiles and angles and bricks that keep giving detail every time you look. Small black windows break up the solid white colour palette, and a mix of stud and flush techniques break up the texture, making this an incredibly satisfying moc to look at.


The towers and walls realistically give off the shape and feel of the moc, and each layer looks buried into the sharp wall of rock just as intended. The build unfortunately does lack any buildings on upper layers, but structures from the lowest floor could be repurposed and built to add detail to the upper layers.


The huge stone spine which protrudes out of the city and splits it down the middle is a phenomenal feat of slopes and angled bricks, given a natural and chaotic look while maintaining the overall intended shape. The white cap which lines the entire spine from front to back is a gorgeous centrepiece to the build and is a delightful mix of slopes and angled plates that could be admired for hours. The faithfulness to the source material is mind-blowing.


Click: MOC-64235 The Seven rings – Part A   

Priced at a wallet-deadly $3999.99, this build is a commitment to make and rivals any ultimate collector’s series model, but with a price per piece ratio of $0.04, this is the place to pick this model up. All products are shipped free of charge, VAT included. A parts list is available to check the integrity and stock of the parts delivered. This is the centrepiece of any true hardcore lord of the rings fan’s collection, and cannot be missed.

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