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Who we are?

Lightake is a leading team based on Shenzhen,China .Aiming to not only provide the variety cubes but also collect and share the best DIY MOC ideas all over the world.Our team is committed to providing customers with low price and high quality products as well as promotional customer service.

About Lightake MOC!

Lightake is a dynamic and creative company. In recent years, the company’s business direction has been placed on building blocks. We manufacture high-quality customized products for each Lego fan, including a wide range of professional products, including Moc kits, Lego conversion kits, lighting kits and accessories, building block display boxes, etc.

Lightake MOC

When interacting with fans around the world, Lightake drew a lot of creative inspiration. There are so many moc enthusiasts in the world who love building blocks but don’t have the time and skills to realize their ideal works, which upsets many moc enthusiasts. I used to purchase a set of 1990 pieces for many months, and finally I successfully collected it and assembled it for my own work, but this not only wasted a lot of time, but also cost a lot of shipping and additional costs. Some parts must be traded from other parts at high prices. In short, this experience made me feel terrible. Many friends around me have also suffered. After discussion, we decided to do something useful, so we started to provide custom parts kits for Moc fans. At the same time, we have selected some of the most popular parts packages for you to choose from: we have purchased a wide variety of high-quality bricks from the market and spent a lot of energy collecting Lego parts.

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.All the products in our store is customized by our company or licensed by the designer.
.100% brand new and free shipping.
.Products with quarity and fair price.
.Perfect customer service, policies for shipping, payment, refund and missing part case

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30 days money back guarantee

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