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Rancor Pit

Oh no! The rancor!

The Rancor Pit will appear on Star Wars Battlefront DLC

The Rancor pit was featured in Star Wars Battlefront 2 back in 2005 and the character was invincible. Not even hero and villain characters could kill it. 

EA announced not too long ago that an upcoming DLC pack for Star Wars Battlefront will be set in Jabba the Hutt’s palace. Due to popular demand, we might see the Rancor in the game as well. Lead designer for Star Wars Battlefront, Dennis Brannvall, replied to a couple of fans about the upcoming Jabba the Hutt DLC on Twitter. One fan asked if the DLC will be adding the Rancor pit and Brannvall replied “ok“. He later clarified in another tweet that this was not a yes or no answer, but he’s taking the fan’s idea into consideration. After all, the Rancor pit is an iconic feature of Jabba the Hutt’s palace and it would be sorely missed if DICE left it out.

Rancor Pit

About Jabba's Palace

Jabba’s Palace was the base of operations for Jabba the Hutt a crime lord and ruling member of the Grand Hutt Council.

Jabba the Hutt’s Palace was located in the Dune Sea on Tatooine, and was accessible on land by a single dirt road that stretched through a canyon. The palace, constructed with sandblasted metal and stone, was where Jabba conducted illicit business deals. The structure was a fortress, with a defensive design that focused primarily on protection from attack.


Why was lego 'Jabba's Palace' Set disappeared ?

Lego took down the “Jabba Palace” set after being accused of racism and stated that the criticism was not the cause. The Lego company is planning to remove its Jabba Palace-themed suit this year, but it wants you to know that the recent accusations of racism are not the cause.

Do you think the “Jabba Palace” set will be on re-sale? When will it be? Let’s wait and see!

Jabba's Palace lego
9516 lego

But that’s okay, our co-designers Albo and Brick_boss_pdf made changes to the original design. We believe you’ll like it, so scroll down!

MOC-54526 Rancor-Grube

About The 9516 Jabba’s Palace

9516 Jabba’s Palace was a 717 piece Star Wars set with 9 minifigs released in 2012. It is based on the film Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi.

Vom Designer - Albo

“I was not happy with the official set and I’ve tried to make something else that could fit the 9516 Jabba’s Palace that I like a lot. The door can open without removing the palace on the top. And now Luke has a place where to hide from the Rancor”

USD $109.99

MOC-54526 Rancor Pit (fit Jabba's Palace 9516)
MOC-54526 Rancor Pit (fit Jabba's Palace 9516)
MOC-54526 Rancor Pit (fit Jabba's Palace 9516)
MOC-54526 Rancor Pit (fit Jabba's Palace 9516)

From Designer -Albo

Rancor Pit
Rancor Pit
Rancor Pit

MOC-79354 Jabba’s Palace Ultimate

Vom Designer - Brick_boss_pdf

This Moc is done to be the ultimate jabba’s palace playset. The model is done in 3 diferent levels ( the catacumbs, the palace itself and all the celling)
In the bottom level you have the rancor pit, some stairs, the droid room and even a prision. In the palace level you have main jabba’s rome and another little room conected with a corridor. The model itself have a lot of functional stuff, you can open the front part, funtional door, funtional floor trap, removable parts, and some clips to attach your own Han solo in carbonite!

USD $269.99


MOC-79354 Jabba’s Palace Ultimate
MOC-79354 Jabba’s Palace Ultimate
MOC-79354 Jabba’s Palace Ultimate

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