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Aputure V-Screen VS-1 FineHD 7" LCD Field Monitor For DSLR Camera Camcorder

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Aputure V-Screen VS-1 FineHD 7" LCD Field Monitor For DSLR Camera Camcorder

Aputure V-Screen VS-1 FineHD is a professional field monitor with a 7-inch LCD Screen (1920x1200 native resolution), which provides diverse video interface, such as HDMI, YPbPr,and AV. Also, VS-1 FineHD features Monochrome, and Safe Area.


1.High resolution 1920*1200
2.LTPS screen technology
3.Extra OSD, get more information
4.New cables(HDMI A type to D type). And Power adapter cable(D type to DC)
5.Supports various signal inputs(HDMI, YPbPr & AV)
6.Multiple shortcut options
7.Double power supply
8.Speaker and headset stereo output
9.Firmware updates via USB
10.Six language choices
1.Simple & elegant design
2.Slim & light body
3.Universal hot shoe mount with swiveling head
4.Sunshade cover to monitor in bright sunlight
5.Uses industry-standard 1/4” screw mount
6.Fits various combinations with Magic Hand


.Panel:7.02” LCD
.Resolution:1920*1200 FineHD
.Aspect Ratio:16:9/4:3/Full Screen
.Viewing Angle:160°/160°(H/V)
.Earphone Jack:Φ3.5mm
.Input Voltage:DC 9~16V
.Power Consumption:≤6W
.Lithium Batteries: Sony NP-F series:NP-F550/F570/F770/F960/F970; NP-FM series:FM50/FM51/FM55H/FM500H; NP-QM series:QM50/QM51/QM71D/QM91D
.Operation Temperature:0℃~55℃
.Storage Temperature:0℃~70℃
Basic Informations:
.Model:VS-1 FineHD
.Product Dimensions:182 x 138 x 23mm
.Package Dimensions:212*168*104mm
.Packing:Black Case

Package Content:

.1 x Monitor
.1 x HDMI(A type-C type)
.1 x HDMI(A Type-D Type)
.1 x Power Adapter Cable(D tap-DC)
.1 x Firmware Update Cable
.1 x Sun Hood
.1 x Universal Hot Shoe Mount
.1 x Cleaning Cloth
.1 x Warranty Card
.1 x User Manual
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Most Helpful Reviews
Good stuff!
This unit is excellent. It runs several hours with Sony NP550 batteries. It has some great functions that normally are only found on more expensive units. I bought this to use as a monitor on my steadicam rig. I use it on many shoots for many reasons. My biggest concern when I purchased it was that it isn't HD but on a 7 inch screen the human eye can't tell the difference. Its good for focusing.
Way better than the price would have you believe
I wanted a DSLR monitor but was wary of Liliput simply because there were so many mixed reviews on Amazon of the differing models and configurations for seemingly arbitrary prices. Marshall and SmallHD are simply too much monitor for what I want. So I did some digging on Amazon and found this puppy. I had never heard of it, but the price was right. Since its arrival, it has absolutely exceeded my expectations. It was packed in a really professional-feeling box, very well-presented. The screen lights up fairly quickly, and you see that glorious 7 inches. It comes with a much nicer sunshade than I was expecting for the price, as well as some HDMI cabling and adapters and a wall wort. It takes Sony camcorder batteries which you can get for cheap on Amazon. Even the smaller variant of the battery seems to go and go in this thing. It's very, very lightweight. Almost scary so, but the build quality is very nice. Even things like a nicely applied logo go a long way in products of this price range. I only use the HDMI input, so I can't speak to the other one, but it is excellent. I've tested it with my camera, my cable box (for fun), and also with my laptop (which was really nice because the monitor has its own RGB calibration setting and I could get it pretty darn close to true color).
An excellent, basic field monitor
Aputure's VS-1 doesn't have some of the advanced features that more expensive monitors have, like focus peaking, HDMI passthough, and false color; and at 480x800 resolution, it's nowhere near high def. For around $150, though, I'm incredibly impressed with the build-quality, picture, and general functionality of this unit. The monitor is slim, light, and feels solid in the hand. The menus are easy to navigate and being able to set custom shortcut keys is a big plus. It has multiple inputs (1 HDMI, 2 AV, 1 RGB), multiple aspect ratios, and some nice unexpected features, like zoom and the ability to flip the image vertically or horizontally. Most importantly, the monitor just worked for me, exactly like I wanted it to, right out of the box (I'm using it with a Canon 60D). The image doesn't cut out when I hit record and (because of the multiple aspect ratios) the picture isn't distorted. The image itself is bright and clear, making focusing and shot-composing easy.
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