MoYu TangLong 3x3x3 Speed Cube Magic Cube

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MoYu TangLong 3x3x3 Speed Cube Magic Cube 


Moyu TangLong 3x3 bl 2.jpgMoyu TangLong 3x3 bl 3.jpgMoyu TangLong 3x3 bl 1.jpgMoyu TangLong 3x3 bl.jpg
Tanglong 3x3 Pink 4Tanglong 3x3 Pink 2Tanglong 3x3 primary 1Tanglong 3x3 primaryTanglong 3x3 grey 3Tanglong 3x3 grey 2Tanglong 3x3 cyan 4Tanglong 3x3 cyan 2Tanglong 3x3 cyan 1
Tanglong 3x3 blue 2

MoYu TangLong Features:

.Brand new MoYu TangLong 3x3x3 Speed Cube
.MoYu featured 3x3x3 Speed Cube, the enhanced version of HuaLong
.Curve inner design, strong fault tolerance
.Great corner cuting, more stability
.CS high quality stickers
.One of the best 3x3x3 speed cube on the market
MoYu TangLong Specifications:
.Brand: MoYu

.Body Color:Primary Color
.Material:ABS Engineering Plastic
.Sticker:6-Color CS Sticker
.Cube Size:56.5*56.5*56.5 mm
.Cube Level:3x3x3

.Package Dimensions:6*6*6cm
.Product Weight:87g
.Package Weight:105g
.Packing:Colorful Box
MoYu TangLong Package Content:
.1 x Magic Cube
.1 x User Manual


MoYu TangLong Conclusion:

The Moyu Tanglong has ultra smooth turning layers which gives it so much control during solving. Speed cubers with slow turning styles will really enjoy this speed cube although those who prefer light and fast speed cubes wouldn’t do so well. The Tanglong has quite sluggish turning and it takes quite some effort to turn the layers. The only thing that makes this manageable is the shape and size of the speed cube. Catches and lockups are practically none because of how controllable layer turns are and how well it corner cuts. Corner cutting is amazing although since this speed cube is so smooth and controllable it doesn’t really need that good corner cutting.

The Moyu Tanglong is a very good speed cube although it really can be better. It’s a shame that the corner cutting abilities are under utilized because of how controllable and smooth turning is. This speed cube would have been perfect if it was a bit lighter and faster which would really utilize that corner cutting abilities really well while giving it some speed and lightness that it needs badly.

Moyu Tanglong Review 

The Moyu Tanglong had a lot of hype behind it being said to be such an amazing speed cube and claims to have much improvements from the previous Moyu 3×3 speed cubes that were already quite good.

This speed cube performs very good out of the box with the only issue it being a little bit tight and sluggish. This speed cube was quite picky with the lube it liked to use. II lubed the core with Traxass 30k and used Traxass 10k on the pieces. This wasn’t good because the cube felt very gummy which added to its sluggishness. I wiped that off and used Calvins Lube instead which was a perfect fit for the Moyu Tanglong.


Turning is very very smooth. The smoothness of the Tanglong coupled with the shape and the blocky feel is a very good combination. layer turns are very quite and smooth there is not trace of scratchiness, clicks or bumps although it does take some effort to turn the layers. Layer turns are a bit on the slow side and definitely not light.

Corner Cutting:

The Moyu Tanglong has excellent corner cutting abilities. I can’t say that corner cutting is effortless but it is consistent with it’s layer turns which do take some effort. This consistency makes corner cutting unnoticeable which means that corner cutting is excellent. On extreme corner cutting there is a light snapping sound although it handles it very well.

Catching and Lock ups:

There is practically no catching and lockups with this speed cube thanks to the really good corner cutting abilities. Ofcourse on extreme cases where two layers are misaligned you will get slight lockups. I found myself in this situation when I execute poor layer turns from poor look ahead where I’m rushing my algorithms.




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Very good
Very good cube nice turning, very smooth ! I like it.
moyu siempre haciendo maravillas excelentes
Increíble cubo, me encanta!!
Excelente speedcube, acabado de alta calidad y con un giro muy suave y silencioso, Muy buen corte de esquinas. Es estable y muy controlable. El aspecto es muy elegante, ligero y es de gran calidad. Lo recomiendo sin duda, me encanta.
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