ShengShou Pyraminx Magic Cube IQ Toy - Black

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ShengShou  Pyraminx Magic Cube IQ Toy  - Black


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ShengShou  Pyraminx Features:

.100% Brand new and high quality Shengshou Triangle Pyramid Pyraminx Magic Cube

.New Shengshou cube in the shape of a pyramid

.Features ball-bearing design with built-in spring for more great and smooth feel when rotate it

.Textured and durable stickers with bright colors highlight this magic cube

.Compact and portable design for more convenient to carry, play it anywhere as you like

.Rotate the magic cube and try your best to complete it

.Practice your brain and improve your memory

.Activate your imagination and creativity

.Perfect for testing your mental skill and patience

.Adds a lot of fun to your life

.Suitable for both kids and adults

.Great gift and collector item for puzzle lover

ShengShou  Pyraminx Specifications:

.Color: Black

.Brand: ShengShou 7098A

.Package Dimensions: 100*85*85mm

.Weight: 115g

ShengShou  Pyraminx  Package Included:

1 x ShengShou 7098A Pyraminx Magic Cube IQ Toy



The Pyraminx also known as the triangle Rubik’s Cube is a tetrahedron-shaped 3-layered twisty puzzle, having four triangular faces which are all divided into nine identical smaller triangles. It is the second best selling toy in the World with 100 million pieces sold.

It was invented by Uwe Mèffert (Germany) in 1971 but it was patented after the Rubik’s Cube became famous in 1981. Meffert invented several other famous puzzles like the MegaminxSkewb, Skewb Diamond, Teraminx, Dogic (icosahedron-shaped puzzle), and the list goes on. Other inventors were inspired by the 4-axle mechanism, Tony Fisher used it for the Golden Cube and Golden Egg.

The first official WCA Pyraminx competition was organized in 2003. The winner was the American Andy Bellenir who solved the puzzle in 14.09 seconds.


Start the online Pyraminx simulator


Pyraminx Solution

The Pyraminx solution is much easier than the Rubik’s Cube. It has 3,732,480 possible permutations which is relatively a small number (similar to the 2x2x2 Pocket Cube), so a personal computer can easily go through all of the possible scrambles. It can be solved from any random position in less than 12 moves.

1) I marked with numbers the four corners. If you see a number turn the according corner clockwise 120o but if you see an apostrophe following the number do a counterclockwise turn.

2) The solution of the Pyraminx begins with turning all the 4 corners (A) to match the center pieces. You can notice that this is just a simple turn for each corner because the center pieces (B) are linked together. After that turn the center so their colors are matching up. Now what’s left is solving the 6 edge pieces (C).

3) solve two edges next to one corner (red-yellow and blue-yellow on the picture), then using the remaining gap (red-blue) match up all the (green) centers in the bottom. Use one of the algorithms to put the third edge to its place without messing up the bottom centers.

Left algorithm: 4 3 4′ 3′
Right algorithm: 2′ 3′ 2 3

4) Now you have to permute the last layer (green) edges. Take the puzzle so this face is on the left side and to the operations needed:

Clockwise rotation: 1′ 3 1 3′
Counterclockwise turn: 1 2′ 1′ 2
Flip tow edges: 3 1′ 3′ 1 3′ 2 3 2′

The Pyraminx was first conceived by Mèffert in 1970. He did nothing with his design until 1981 when he first brought it to Hong Kong for production. Uwe is fond of saying had it not been for Erno Rubik's invention of the cube, his Pyraminx would have never been produced.

The Pyraminx is a puzzle in the shape of a regular tetrahedron, divided into 4 axial pieces, 6 edge pieces, and 4 trivial tips. It can be twisted along its cuts to permute its pieces. The axial pieces are octahedral in shape, although this is not immediately obvious, and can only rotate around the axis they are attached to. The 6 edge pieces can be freely permuted. The trivial tips are so called because they can be twisted independently of all other pieces, making them trivial to place in solved position. Meffert also produces a similar puzzle called the Tetraminx, which is the same as the Pyraminx except that the trivial tips are removed, turning the puzzle into a truncated tetrahedron.

Scrambled Pyraminx

The purpose of the Pyraminx is to scramble the colors, and then restore them to their original configuration.

The 4 trivial tips can be easily rotated to line up with the axial piece which they are respectively attached to; and the axial pieces are also easily rotated so that their colors line up with each other. This leaves only the 6 edge pieces as a real challenge to the puzzle. They can be solved by repeatedly applying two 4-twist sequences, which are mirror-image versions of each other. These sequences permute 3 edge pieces at a time, and change their orientation differently, so that a combination of both sequences is sufficient to solve the puzzle. However, more efficient solutions (requiring a smaller total number of twists) are generally available (see below).

The twist of any axial piece is independent of the other three, as is the case with the tips. The six edges can be placed in 6!/2 positions and flipped in 25 ways, accounting for parity. Multiplying this by the 38 factor for the axial pieces gives 75,582,720 possible positions. However, setting the trivial tips to the right positions reduces the possibilities to 933,120, which is also the number of possible patterns on the Tetraminx. Setting the axial pieces as well reduces the figure to only 11,520, making this a rather simple puzzle to solve.


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Excelente pyraminx
Un muy buen cubo de este estilo para comenzar a resolverlo con un mecanismo de click bastante cómodo.
Sin palabras. Mejor del mercado calidad-precio Giro suave y controlado.
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